Intro to Cards

Cards are highly customisable blocks that display information in a certain way. Cards a really powerful, and are the building blocks to help you create the dashboard or tool you need!

You can create cards (like the one below) in just a few clicks.

Base Cards

Snapboard has a set of base cards that can be customised using formula to show exactly what you need. Each type of card shows something different, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs:

  • Chart
  • List
  • Videos
  • Calendars
  • Notes
  • Sheets (kinda like an Excel sheet)

You can re-use these base cards to create all sorts of reports, dashboards and tools.

Pre-configured Cards

To get you started, we've created 100's of pre-configured cards that use the base cards above, but are already connected (using formula) to your data. You can install them in just one click.

Don't worry - these cards still use the base cards, so you can still customize them later.

Custom Code Cards

If you're a developer type - then you can actually create your own cards using React and NodeJS - check out our guide to creating custom cards.

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